Monday, March 28, 2011


Lukewarm will no longer do
Time to liberate this tongues imprisonment
Pretending only works in fairy-tales
Drop the act and pick up this sword
Annihilate this creeping darkness
Be alert of whispering walls
Tending to entrap the unsuspecting
Swift is this ruthless brute
Its vehemence strikes, collecting credulous ravens
Combat this bĂȘte noire
For conformity will mar this treasured creed
Blot out afflicting diversions
Cement this all surmountable truth
Never abdicate this gift


Remembering those futile days
Plagued with wretched deceit
Rampaged by opposing forces
Which shall prevail?
Only one can reign true
Let us fight this disease
Gnawing at the very essence of humanity
Trifled by two
Abiding deep within all
Smoldering as restless embers
Awaiting its looming ignition
Which shall fall?
Hold-fast to this disclosure
Unmasked for all to see
No darkness can consume this light
Nothing will blot out this Sun
No more blood shed, no more lies


I took this picture on a cruise a while back. I think it does justice on depicting the aspect of light vs. darkness.